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About Phyllis

Finding herself stuck at the in-between state of half and whole, thrown off course by distractions, stress, anxiety, dis-ease, unexpected ripples, life events, and the biggest unforeseen circumstance of a pandemic, she dug deep within to reignite her intelligence, motivation, creativity and desire to achieve a better quality of life and ultimately become centered in her purpose. She is a dedicated and steadfast believer in Ayurvedic, integrative wellness and holistic healing. Her intuitive; therapeutic touch is client-centered and tailored using various modalities and techniques of muscle and connective tissue manipulation to increase body function, decrease inflammation, and aid in the healing of the human energy system.

Consider Phyllis your personal lifestyle wholeness consultant. Through dedication, passion, training, education, and experience, she decided to step into her purpose and focus on helping others heal, encourage the routine of self-care, educate on wellness, consciousness, and overall wholeness.

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